Specialising in advanced technology and high value manufacturing sectors

The Business Landscape


Today’s high technology landscape is characterised by intense competition and global markets. Just having a technical innovation is not, by its self, a guarantee of success.


Success requires the generation of compelling business propositions and excellent project management skills to steer the team successfully towards its goals and secure the required support, investment and grant funding.


Collaboration, commercialisation, innovation on all fronts, access to investment and funding support, together with a team approach are all key factors to success — Premiertask, with wide experience of business, projects, tendering and market dynamics is well placed to support companies and organisations wanting to succeed.

The Value We Add


So, how can Premiertask help you succeed? Premiertask covers the full range of topics that are essential to winning and managing successful businesses and projects.

· Helping you to develop a winning strategy

· Supporting and building relations with your customers

· Facilitating and supporting you to establish appropriate collaborations and partnerships

· Developing and presenting your solution as a compelling business proposition

· Generating and actively engaging in your bid response

· Reviewing, challenging and critiquing (Red Teaming)

· Managing your project

In addition, Premiertask will help you to:

Target Your Resources

Focus your resources on opportunities that you have a real chance of winning by vigorously assessing and qualifying opportunities and bids as they mature.


Sharpen Your Skills

Staff with responsibility for managing, preparing or contributing to bids often have other responsibilities and have little or no training in the skills required to ensure that compelling proposals are prepared and submitted on time. Premiertask can develop a programme of workshops and masterclasses to suit your needs.

Benefit From Experience & Knowledge


Premiertask are seasoned bid and project management practitioners with an established track record of putting together and winning a wide variety of bids in the public and private sectors from £5k local procurements through to £1+Bn international competitions involving multiple partners.

Premiertask experience includes:

· specialising in the high technology and high value manufacturing sectors across many disciplines

· understanding the business requirements of the large system integration companies together with those of the SMEs that make up the supply chain

· an excellent knowledge of the research carried out by universities and other organisations and how this may be exploited for competitive advantage

· understanding and appreciating the global market and its demands

· understanding the importance of innovation, not only in a technical sense, but also in how compelling business propositions can be presented to potential customers or investors.

· offering a practitioner’s experience and understanding of the high technology market gained through many years of successful bid and project management

About Premiertask


Premiertask is a well respected company in its 6th year of operation and has developed a track record of successfully supporting companies, universities and organisations win business, grant funding and improve project performance. We understand what it takes to produce winning bids, funding proposals and managing successful projects, be they large or small.

Premiertask is passionate about bidding and project management and draws on first-hand ‘practitioner’ knowledge of the complete project lifecycle from initial identification of prospects through bid/no-bid decisions, kick-off meetings, red team reviews, tendering, negotiation for contract award and management of the
on- going project.

We offer a wide range of skills and experience and provide pragmatic hands-on support, tailored to the way you do business, when you need it most.

Your Next Step


For more information and a no obligation discussion on how Premiertask can help you, please contact:

Mike Sheehan

Web: www.premiertask.co.uk

Tel: 07725 025 525

Email: mike@premiertask.co.uk

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